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About Me

~ The Only Limit is your Soul's Desire ~

Mari Isaac, E-RYT  500 is based in the beautiful city of San Francisco, where she offers a mindful, alignment-focused yoga practice that cultivates balance, awareness and equanimity. In addition to teaching private clients and group classes at YogaWorks and YogaTree, she also teaches corporate classes. 

Mari is honored to be teaching yoga and to have the opportunity to pass on to others the joy and freedom that she has found in her own practice.


Alignment Flow

Mari Isaac Alignment Flow

A faster paced -flowing investigation of breath- synchronized movement. This yoga class is designed to energize and renew the body, mind and spirit. 

Gentle Yoga

Mari Isaac Gentle Yoga

This is for anyone who wants to take it back to the basics and beyond. The class involves breath and movement, easier and modified postures, body awareness, gentle stretching, strengthening, and relaxation. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to slow down and have a gentler yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga

Mari Isaac Restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga poses require no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes and deeply supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks. Students leave feeling nourished, well rested, and refreshed.

Yin Yoga

Mari Isaac Yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a series of floor based long held asanas that is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and invigorating Yang Yoga. Physically, Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily between the navel and the knees. Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body's meridian system, which enhances the body's energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium.  It emphasizes stillness and silence, and prepares both the body and the mind for a deeper experience in meditation.

Yoga Tune Up


The poses, and sequences in a Yoga Tune Up® class, very quickly identifies and strengthens the 'body's blind spots' Areas of the body that tend to get overused or underused and are typically the catalyst for pain and injury. The class incorporates the therapeutic self-massage techniques using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to restore, energize and inform. This is a challenging yet accessible practice that's not just for Yogis!

Corporate Yoga

Mari Isaac San Francisco Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga is a wonderful way to increase morale and promote health and wellness in your office. Sessions are designed to cover all levels of yoga to meet your group’s needs.


Thursday Noon

Gentle Yoga

12 pm - 1 pm

YogaTree Berkeley

Event Details

Thursday Noon

Gentle Yoga

The slower pace of Gentle classes allows time to modify each posture to best suit your body. These extremely accessible classes are an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support—from seniors to pregnant women to world-class athletes. We all need to take it easy sometimes, so be bold and go gentle. Your body will thank you. Hope to see you in class

12 pm - 1 pm

YogaTree Berkeley

Thursday Evening

Yin Yoga

7 pm - 8:10 pm

YogaWorks Walnut Creek

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Thursday Evening

Yin Yoga

Luxuriously long holds influence the body’s meridians and strives to deeply open the hips, pelvis and spine to create space in the joints and nourish the connective tissues. The work in these deceptively challenging poses is finding the ease in the discomfort that arises and a meditative awareness of the sensations as they come and go. The intended result: you’ll leave feeling freer in both body and mind. Hope to see you in class

7 pm - 8:10 pm

YogaWorks Walnut Creek


Video by the fabulous: Lukas Shlz

Music by the talented: Jason Arias


"What I like most about working with Mari is her ability to blend her extensive knowledge of the physical body with my goals, leading me to important breakthroughs and improvement. I look forward to every class and private session because Mari is so engaged and compassionate.  I always come away with more peace, acceptance, and understanding of myself not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

Barbara S

Retired Executive

"Marilyn brings to each session her grace, presence, and broad experience in multiple modalities.  She listens carefully, then directs techniques and energy to what Is needed."

D P 


"Marilyn is a spiritual delight!!! Marilyn trusts the ancient wisdom of Yoga and can lead others with grace into a powerful weave of integration allowing mind, body, and spirit to come into true alignment. We look forward to the serenity that her class brings us each week. Yoga with Marilyn is calming, relaxing and gives us the best night’s sleep. And her workshop on the use of therapeutic balls to work out soreness was fabulous!!! Can't wait for the next one."

David and Valentyna

"Mari is a gifted, highly skilled and nurturing yoga instructor.  My husband and I attend her classes twice a week and notice that we not only sleep better but feel less stressed overall.  Her unique style of weaving imagery and spiritual wisdom with yoga practice creates a calm, soothing environment accelerating a deep inner connection and physical well-being.  I look forward to her classes and highly recommend them."


"Now, almost a year in, I have come to know Mari as a very special person. She might be the most caring, loving, giving individual I have ever met.

If I was, to sum up, Mari in one word, that word is grace. She is so graceful in movement, communication, spirit, and nature. The words she chooses to convey what she wants us to achieve are so effective, sometimes surprisingly so. The first time she asked us to "relax even your eyelashes" I was initially moved to laughter, but somehow that pierced my understanding, and I was able to soften even further.

one of the things I absolutely love about Mari's classes is she always brings something new to her students. Her range and knowledge are quite amazing."

Paul M

"I have been taking private yoga classes with Marilyn for over a year.....Her loving kind smile and sense of humor relax me. Every class is well planned and she is flexible to change her plan to cater to my physical and emotional condition for that day. Her classes are beyond my expectations, challenge my body and inspire my spirit. Practicing yoga with Marilyn, I have experienced the connections of body and mind and also healing energy vibrations of my whole being. When I leave her classes, I feel happy, calm and rejuvenated. I am very fortunate to have found such a dedicated and inspiring teachers." 

Florence L

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